Digital Democracy

Organizational Overview

Digital Democracy is committed to building open-source technology tools and providing training in technology to marginalized communities. They primarily partner with indigenous organizations in the Amazon rainforest defending their land and livelihoods against extractive industries.

Project Goals

Digital Democracy came to Black Fox Global to find emergency funding, as well as secure multi-year grants to ensure they could be supporting local communities with technology long into the future.They needed to rapidly identify new funders, and enhance their communications in order to sustain their organization and lay the groundwork for successful long-term funding.

Our Fundraising Accelerator service was the comprehensive formula Digital Democracy needed to weather the storm. This service includes dedicated funder prospecting, advancement outreach, and grant writing, coupled with the development of a communications toolkit to build a strong and engaging case for support.

Project Results

After six months of working with Black Fox Global, Digital Democracy’s financial situation was transformed. They not only achieved guaranteed funding for the rest of the year, but came out even stronger for sustainable funding long-term. Digital Democracy secured a significant six figure grant, gained financial security, and built incredible momentum to continue their vital mission of partnering with marginalized communities defending their rights.

“When I contacted Black Fox, our organization was facing a fundraising crisis. Over the course of our 6 months working together our financial situation has transformed… Now our organization has guaranteed funding for the rest of the year, and is in a stronger position than we were before.”