Organizational Overview

TeachUNITED is an organization built by and for educators. Driven by a fundamental belief that every child deserves access to an equitable, quality education; TeachUNITED elevates local teachers in rural, underserved areas where the need is most acute.

Project Goals

TeachUNITED came to Black Fox Global to diversify their revenue streams quickly. Having been reliant on a small number of individual donors since their founding, they needed support developing and executing a robust fundraising strategy for both foundations and major gifts. They knew they needed to cultivate relationships with new and existing funders to ensure sustainable income over the long-run, yet their staff and resources were at capacity.

Together our goal was to lay the groundwork for greater success in attracting sustainable funding from diverse revenue sources, including the launch of a significant major gifts program that would provide unrestricted multi-year funds.

Project Results

Black Fox Global identified and developed a substantive pipeline of new funder relationships, as well as supported the TeachUNITED team in moving existing relationships in TeachUNITED’s pipeline forward through our Research and Advancement Outreach services. We supported TeachUNITED in formalizing and professionalizing their major gifts program with compelling communications and strategic relationships.

As a result, TeachUNITED was awarded an immediate $25,000 grant, and the initial research led to an additional $330,000 in grant funding as TeachUNITED continued to cultivate relationships with funders that BFP uncovered. Strategic relationships cultivated with Black Fox Global led to a pivotal funder that resulted in an additional $300,000. Taken together, our engagement led to more than $650,000 in funding over time.

Not only did TeachUNITED win its biggest grant in the organization’s history and have their largest earned revenue year to date, additional capacity from Black Fox Global meant the senior leadership team could concentrate their efforts on personal funder relationships and face to face meetings. This translates to more time dedicated to their mission of every child having access to a quality, equitable education.

“Partnering with the Black Fox team is one of the smartest investments TeachUNITED has made. BFG experts became part of our team, helping us unlock new sources of funding…but it is their hands-on attention that really blew us away.”