Organizational Overview

Tostan is an African-based organization with programs rooted in human rights and driven by local communities. Tostan empowers communities to develop and achieve their vision for the future, and inspire large-scale social movements leading to dignity for all.

Project Goals

Tostan wanted to leverage the inspiring film ‘Walk On My Own,’ which highlights their community engagement programs, to position themselves as a systems change leader across the sector.

The inspiring BYKids film ‘Walk On My Own’ profiles the transformation and cultural shift of Ndèye Fatou’s village in Senegal after its participation in a Tostan community empowerment program. Tostan needed the expertise of dedicated media outreach professionals to create buzz around the film, produce a reception and screening, and attract the attendance and support of key public influencers, funders, and journalists. Black Fox Global deployed a robust three month media outreach service to develop a public relations, social media, and event planning strategy in order to drive excitement, viewership and awareness.

Project Results

Black Fox Global organized two high-engagement events for Tostan. This included a compelling screening, panel discussion and VIP reception with activists and luminaries at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England. Additionally, we planned a private funder and stakeholder dinner party preceding the inspiring public premiere in New York City. Over 200 people attended the screening, followed by an energized panel discussion moderated by human rights activist Naima Dido. These events raised significant awareness about the inspiring film among influencers, including third-party allies, journalists and delegates of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) and the Skoll World Forum.

Our PR and social media plan generated over one million highly strategic impressions about Tostan and the ‘Walk on My Own’ film. Tostan’s social media presence grew by over 4,300 followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The comprehensive social media promotion and advertising plan resulted in nearly 3,700 new website visits to Tostan’s website.

Tostan’s impactful partnership with Black Fox Global successfully highlighted their incredible dedication to scaling community wellbeing and human rights to funders, thought leaders, allies, and activists across the sector; engaged new funders and deepened relationships with existing funders, and reached their entire year’s social media goals within the first four months of the year through their engagement with us.

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