Organizational Overview

WeRobotics is a social impact organization that brings together local experts, communities and activists to offer practical alternatives to systems dominated by foreign-led and top-down interventions. By shifting power with local experts and organizations, WeRobotics is co-creating an inclusive and sustainable network of local leaders to build an effective model that others can adopt to accelerate locally-led efforts in response to pressing challenges.

Project Goals

WeRobotics came to Black Fox Global looking to diversify their funding throughout 2022 and beyond. They knew refining their fundraising communications would be vital in communicating the complexities of their programs and objectives to funders. Specifically, the WeRobotics team needed messaging that not only reflected the voices of their Co-Founders, but placed a focus on the local experts and organizations within their expansive global network.

Project Results

As part of Black Global’s Fundraising Accelerator engagement, our team of expert communications professionals developed a Fundraising Toolkit for WeRobotics: a suite of persuasive and effective messaging and materials designed to simultaneously tackle different angles of an organization’s work, mission, and goals, as well as forge a connection with funders by speaking to both the heart and the mind.

WeRobotics now has a wealth of messaging that the team actively employs for all fundraising outreach, as well as utilizes for other public communications beyond a fundraising scope, including their website, social media channels, and speaking engagements. The communications process allowed the WeRobotics team to improve efficiency and coherence of messaging overall.

“The outcome of Black Fox Global’s work exceeded our expectations on many levels, and can already see many additional applications in addition to fundraising for the messaging. A big thanks to the team for their fabulous and highly relevant work.”