Organizational Overview

Working Scholars® Fund uplifts communities by breaking down barriers for working adults to obtain a no-cost, debt free bachelor’s degree.

Project Goals

Working Scholars® Fund was in the midst of a substantial fundraising drive with the ambitious goal of ensuring all students in their cohort would graduate with a bachelor’s degree debt free – the majority of which were the first in their families to attend college.

They turned to Black Fox Global to rapidly identify new funders, advance strategic relationships, and enhance their communications in order to sustain their organization for the long-term and deliver on their commitment to graduates.

Project Results

Within six months of working with Black Fox Global, Working Scholars® Fund achieved their goal of raising multiple six figures of funding. Significant momentum was gained through an incredible $150K grant that Black Fox Global identified and advanced with a closely aligned funder.

Working Scholars® Fund not only succeeded in terms of solidifying long-term funding security, but most importantly they delivered on their promise to cover the cost of higher education for working adults in their program. They also freed up the time they needed to launch and grow a significant program, which was awarded a Corporate Social Responsibility Most Innovative Program by Fast Company.

By partnering with Black Fox Global, Working Scholars® Fund laid the groundwork for successful long-term funding for years to come by learning how to communicate their work in a way that lands across a targeted pipeline of funders interested in their work. As a result, they are set-up to sustain their vital mission of enabling so many to realize their dreams of achieving a bachelor’s degree.

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