Gretchen Lusby

Communications Specialist


Pennsylvania, United States | American

Superpower: Gretchen has spent most of the last two decades in communications leadership delivering authentic storytelling and clear, powerful, and recognizable brands at organizations with strong missions to create sustainable change.

She has a deep passion for thriving communities and cultivating a culture where every person has a valued voice and a seat at the table. While showcasing the beauty and strength of the communities around her, Gretchen finds herself focused on inviting others to join the storyline. Her love for communications translates into developing strong teams within organizations that communicate authentically and effectively in a psychologically-safe environment. Her background in equitable and transformative community development combined with her love for genuine relationships and affinity for good design, bold branding, and hopeful storytelling allow her to communicate through an authentic voice.

Through her work at organizations committed to equitable and ethical community development, Gretchen has developed a deep understanding of refugee resettlement, immigrant services, homelessness, BIPOC entrepreneurship, the B Corp business-for-good movement, social and environmental justice, the U.N.’s SDGs, and DEI initiatives. She now consults with several businesses and non-profits o communications strategy and brand clarity.

Outside of the social impact field, Gretchen also spent time as the editor and director of a “hyper local and super social” magazine, and as the VP of Brand and Culture at a top U.S.-based manufacturer leading a team of 30 towards improved efficiencies, enhanced communication, and collaborative cohesion.

Gretchen is in the process of publishing a children’s book series focused on three unlikely friends who learn how to be kind, curious, and brave as they travel the world and encounter all sorts of new adventures and strange creatures.

In the community, Gretchen is heavily involved as a board member and marketing committee lead for a local theater organization. She also volunteers for a refugee resettlement agency, is deeply engaged with the diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship field, and loves to support local businesses and restaurants — especially B Corps and those offering toxic-free home and health products, as well as gluten-free and vegan foods.

At home, Gretchen can be found preparing her family for adoption, digging in her produce and flower gardens, traveling and exploring the world, dog-momming, hosting intentional gatherings, and cooking up her newest culinary creation.

She lives by a lesson shared in the “Biggest Little Farm” documentary (a biodynamic and regenerative farm named Apricot Lane Farms). When faced with a new challenge, the farmer steps back and observes first. “Observation followed by creativity can be your biggest ally,” he says. Gretchen’s years in community development have taught her that those with the problem often have the best solution — if only we create the space to listen.