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Pro Bono Webinar | Power Pause: Reflection and Intention

Filed in Wellbeing — January 14, 2021

In our blog we’ve pulled back the veil on our approach and methodologies through a largely ‘plug and play’ resources and Masterclasses so you can skillfully engage the funding partners your mission deserves.

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It was with great pleasure that we at Black Fox Philanthropy began our year with the incomparable Nina Urman for Power Pause: Reflection and Intention. We are so grateful to Nina for sharing her gifts with our community on a pro bono basis – her time and talent are valuable, but she wanted to serve this community of mission drivers as part of her own philanthropic investments in humanity.

While an offering of this nature is a departure for Black Fox Philanthropy, one of the things I know for sure is that those of us with vocations in the social sector work incredibly hard — because the stakes are so high, burnout is all too common. Introducing you to a true Master Coach to assist us in living wholly, so we can show up in our work more authentically and rejuvenated is a true honor for me.

Nina’s focus is holistic: on spiritual, mental, emotional, and behavioral change from within. It is NOT just about positive thinking or the Law of Attraction. It’s cognitive, psychology-based techniques and insights that upgrade all areas of life.

You can access a recording of the session HERE

So many participants expressed gratitude for the Pause and wondered how to take it into their lives beyond January. One suggestion is to listen to this recording on a quarterly basis and adapt it to the last 90 days. We also encourage you to share this with your teams, hosting a session by doing a screen share of the video, and doing the workshop together. 

I also invite our female readers to join me in Nina’s CIRCLES, a wonderful, connected community of women from around the world. The group’s private WhatsApp feed is powerful, including frequent mini-videos by Nina for “tune-ups”. Reach out to Nina to join the group. 

May your 2021 be filled with light, love, and deep breaths as we learn to Pause and Reflect so that we can move forward in manifesting our dreams from a place of strength and wisdom.

You’ve got this!

In light, 

Natalie & Nina