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(RECORDINGS) Securing Sustainable New Funding During COVID And Beyond and Maximizing Engagement at the Virtual Skoll World Forum

Filed in General Fundraising — April 9, 2021

In our blog we’ve pulled back the veil on our approach and methodologies through a largely ‘plug and play’ resources and Masterclasses so you can skillfully engage the funding partners your mission deserves.

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Black Fox Global would like to thank everyone who took the time to join our webinars, “Securing Sustainable New Funding During COVID And Beyond”  and “Maximizing Engagement at the Virtual World Skoll Forum”. These sessions will bolster your organizations’ ability to strengthen your fundraising strategies and leverage your presence at virtual convenings such as the upcoming Virtual Skoll World Forum.  

You can watch/listen to the first webinar here. In this 75-minute season, Former Director of Advancement, Danielle Lovell Jones, and Former Advancement Specialist, Sarah Moran gave candid insights into how fundraising strategies have evolved over the last year in the midst of COVID-19. You can also view our second session Maximizing Engagement at the Virtual Skoll World Forum here. During this session, Black Fox Global Founder, Natalie Rekstad discusses the ways to build connections during the Virtual Skoll World Forum with special guest Jill Ultan, Director of Event Production at the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship at the Skoll Foundation.

As a long-term member of the Skoll ecosystem, we want to be sure that all participants have access to our learned experiences so you make the most of your attendance at the upcoming convening and have the tools to do your best work. Additionally, we have a deep commitment to being open-source and offer a number of powerful and tactical resources that we hope to be beneficial to anyone looking to increase their ability to raise funds more efficiently, confidently, and strategically. In order to gain these resources simply sign up for our weekly newsletter which includes updates of important news across the sector, as well as vital resources including funding opportunities and more. Subscribe to our Black Fox Brief, now with a readership of over 3,000 NGOs and funders from around the globe to gain these free tactical resources on a weekly basis.

The rich content found in this and our upcoming sessions is just a taste of our “special sauce” – Advancement Outreach. To learn more about how our team leverages your mission by serving as an extension of your staff and provide informed, targeted, expert outreach, please visit our Solutions page and reach out to Lindsay Lynch at to schedule an exploration call. Thank you again for doing your important work and allowing us to share our insights with you.