Anna Rottenecker

Advancement Specialist


Guebwiller, France | German

Superpower: Supporting donors and non-profit organizations to join forces through breaking down complex organizational missions and strategies into programs of equal priority for both.

Driven by her passion for fighting injustice, Anna is dedicated to creating a platform of opportunity and financial stability for non-profit organizations across the globe. She stands firmly in support of giving all organizations – regardless of location or economic standing – an equal chance at achieving their goals. Anna holds a British bachelor degree in International Management and a French-German Masters degree in International Relations & Cultural and Economic Studies and speaks English, French and German fluently. As an avid traveler Anna has had the chance to witness first-hand how philanthropy affects lives around the globe. She is currently located in France with her husband and her two children, and when not empowering non-profit organizations to create healthy and sustainable organizational structures, she is probably building her own furniture or making sourdough bread.