Rosie Urbanovich

Communications Specialist


London, United Kingdom | British-American

Superpower: Translating complex pieces of research and analysis into engaging and powerful stories for funders and supporters. 

With a decade of experience managing communications activities for global NGOs and nonprofits, Rosie’s passion for urgent ethical issues continues to burn strong. After graduating cum laude from Chapman University with a degree in Communication Studies, she went on to receive her M.A. in Global Ethics from King’s College London in 2013. Studying critical ethical issues such as global poverty, climate change and human rights drove her towards a career in the nonprofit sector. Following her studies, she relocated to London permanently and began her career in fundraising and communications. Rosie has worked on a diverse range of causes ranging from disability and healthcare to human rights and sustainability. She has led successful efforts in numerous fundraising capacities including direct marketing, planned giving, digital engagement, and events. 

Alongside Rosie’s fundraising and communications career, she works as a lecturer and college instructor of ethics and impact, focusing on areas such as aid and development, effective altruism and the future of ‘doing good.’ 

Rosie’s passion for helping charitable causes share their stories and increase their impact brought her to Black Fox Philanthropy in May 2020.