Organizational Overview

Glasswing’s mission is to address the root causes and consequences of violence and poverty through education and health programs that empower youth and communities, and strengthen public systems.

Project Goals

Glasswing came to Black Fox Global with the objective of identifying more philanthropic funders that were closely aligned with their mission, as well as improving their own internal team’s advancement skills and approach.

Before coming to Black Fox, Glasswing had significant experience in project development and obtaining funding from bilateral agencies, corporate donors and a few key foundations. However, they wanted to build more relationships with private foundations, and the knowledge and expertise required to approach new funders, deepen their relationships, and ultimately continue to diversify their funding.

Project Results

This is where Black Fox’s team of resourceful advancement specialists came in. Since the start of this partnership, Black Fox has researched and introduced Glasswing to dozens of potential funders, creating long-term connections and progressing through to application stages with several newly identified foundations. With Black Fox support, Glasswing secured a grant with a closely aligned funder, with whom they expect to establish a long-term partnership.

In addition, Glasswing significantly strengthened their advancement expertise throughout the engagement. Their Black Fox specialists truly became an extension of their own team through continuous coaching, supporting them through large grant submissions, and connecting them to key influencers. The team now feel there is a strong foundation from which to continue their advancement efforts, and feel well-equipped to continue to lay the groundwork for successful funding in the future.

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