Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) runs deep. We hold a vision for an inclusive global community, and execute a multi-pronged approach. Black Fox Fellows is just one of our levers for change.

Black Fox Fellows

Launched in 2019, the Black Fox Fellowship is one step towards making philanthropy more equitable and accessible. Through this dynamic program, we support women of color in philanthropy to achieve even higher levels of power and influence. We underwrite all registration costs for Fellows to attend the Opportunity Collaboration (OC) annual convening, and provide ongoing connectivity and support as desired.

We’re helping to transform the funding landscape by disrupting the traditional faces of philanthropy. Enter Black Fox Fellows.

Why Black Fox Fellows?

The current funding landscape is dominated by generations-old systems built upon prejudiced funding models. The concept of Western philanthropy means those who have benefited most from wealth consolidation are the very ones who hold power within charitable giving. This leads to convoluted, complex, and culturally-biased giving practices that can do more harm than good.

This global funding system blocks equitable access to the capital that organizations need to continue their vital work. Countless organizations experience deep, relentless, fundraising pain; this pain expands significantly for those in under-represented and under-resourced communities. Leaders lose sleep and burn out. Vital programs end, unaligned partnerships form out of desperation for money, and harmful donor demands cause organizations to deter from their critical missions. Sustainable Development Goals remain unresolved, leading to greater urgency and less impact. Then, add in racism and other forms of bias. It is no surprise that BIPOC-led organizations historically receive a fraction of funding compared to their white-led counterparts.

Philanthropy, the vehicle meant to fuel impactful missions, is deeply flawed. At Black Fox Global, we take tangible steps in transforming this unjust system. By supporting women of color in philanthropy, we are accelerating the pace in which institutional racism and gender inequality is dismantled, and working to move the needle towards greater justice, and therefore greater impact.

Meet the Black Fox Fellows

Senior Program Officer
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Executive Director
ELMA Philanthropies (Africa)

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Vice President
Echoing Green

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Founder & Executive Director
Enkaji: Black Women in Executive Leadership (B-Well)

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President & CEO
Ms. Foundation

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President & CEO
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

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Network Connector
The Ready

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Senior Advisor, Program Strategy & Investment
Pivotal Ventures

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Director of Organizational Effectiveness
Thousand Currents

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“One of the biggest benefits of attending OC is the focus on creating space for genuine relationships to develop in an organic way. Opportunities for partnership and areas of mutual alignment surface naturally, and real friendships grow. There are few settings where we are invited to show up as our whole selves, not just our job titles or where we work. OC challenges us to do just that – to really consider our personal values, vision and mission; and to activate our agency to act on these deeply held principles and beliefs. In addition to the relationships, this on-going personal growth has been the most invaluable outcome of this experience.”

2021 Black Fox Fellow
Senior Director, CCS Fundraising

Emily Caccam

“The intimate sessions at OC create powerful moments for connecting on a personal and professional level – I ended the year with many new friends and allies who are both a source of support and inspiration. The multifaceted audience of both donors and doers raised thoughtful, and at times, provocative questions. It was interesting to reflect on the unique and overlapping challenges we face in our individual work and as a collective. These conversations and connections continue to play a role in the vision we are developing for a more inclusive model of philanthropy in the years ahead.”

2021 Black Fox Fellow
Program Officer, Fidelity Foundations

Akosua Ampofo Siever

Love Letters 💌

Topher Wilkins, CEO of Opportunity Collaboration (OC)

“Black Fox Fellows are essential to the dynamics and culture of the OC experience. Every year, Black Fox Global sends three brilliant women of color affecting deep, lasting change through their fellowship program. We know we can count on BFG to help us diversify the funders who attend OC – which not only serves our delegates in countless ways, but also supports our mission of changing the face of philanthropy by helping to advance the careers of visionary women of color funders.