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TJK Foundation Podcast Release Featuring Black Fox Founder Natalie Rekstad

Filed in Black Fox News & Announcements — January 31, 2024

In our blog we’ve pulled back the veil on our approach and methodologies through a largely ‘plug and play’ resources and Masterclasses so you can skillfully engage the funding partners your mission deserves.

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In the TJK Foundation social change podcast series, listeners are invited into a realm where personal narratives of resilience intertwine with a commitment to societal transformation. Jackson Kaguri’s conversations, rich with life’s complexities and triumphs, serve as a bridge connecting individual experiences with global aspirations. The spotlight shines on individuals who have harnessed adversity as a catalyst for impactful change, offering insights into the multifaceted world of humanitarian work and the indomitable spirit driving it.

Spotlight on Jackson Kaguri 

Jackson Kaguri, the visionary founder behind Nyaka, exemplifies unwavering dedication to education and empowerment in Uganda. His journey tells a story of relentless commitment to eradicating poverty and ignorance. Jackson’s efforts illuminate the imperative of accessible education as a fundamental right, resonating as a call to action for global communities to foster upliftment and understanding.  Jackson is also Harvard ALI Fellow 2023, Author, PhD Honorary, and CNN Hero, among other distinctions.

Spotlight on Natalie Rekstad 

Natalie Rekstad, the visionary and strategic force leading Black Fox Philanthropy, embodies purpose-fueled leadership and unwavering dedication to systemic social change. The podcast features her evolution from a childhood marked by resilience and entrepreneurial spirit to the founder of a firm recognized as a B Corp “Best for the World” Honoree. Her journey from overcoming societal challenges to spearheading initiatives for global impact is a testament to her passion for creating a just and equitable world.

Through her strategic approach, Natalie extends her influence beyond geographical boundaries, advocating for gender equality, economic opportunity, and social justice. Her story is a testament to the power of strategic philanthropy and a clarion call for collective action. Natalie’s leadership and dedication remind us that in the pursuit of a more equitable world, the roles of empathy, strategic insight, and unwavering commitment are paramount.